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Monday, February 14, 2011

The last of Tonsai

This is the classic route Humanality a 5.10d.

This is the hardest pitch.

We set up a long line, and this is how Terry dismounted.

Preston keeping things casual.
Until this happened.

We set up the water line for sunset.

The long boats would cruise by all day.

It took a couple days but Terry was able to full man it.

Naturally Simon made it look easy.

Surfing the line.

Preston snapping a couple pictures of his own.

There is something odd with this picture, try and spot it.

If you didn't see it before, Simon's naked.

Terry looking very solid.

Simon, still naked.

Walking on the sun.

This is Lion King, it was highlighted in Rock and Ice a couple months ago.

As you can see the beach is the place to be.

When in doubt double clip. Another reminder that the bolts here are not to be trusted.

Most people do a climb and then leave their draws up for the next couple groups to keep the lines down. Simon was in the process of switching theirs for ours.

The feared dred-mullet. These were everywhere and are horrible.

I couldn't resist one more.

Maybe two.

Or three...


  1. I saw a man......wal king on the wa ter.... (du du du du..guitar rifff..)

    Neeee! Sick photos! Me jealous!!!

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